General Features

    1. Fire resistance -- it meets the A1 gradeof National Standard for Fire Resistance of Construction andDecoration Materials.

    2. Sound Isulation --  with the the thickness of 20mm, it canisulate the sound up to 30db.

    3. Ultra Light -- density of our Al Foam is0.2-0.6g/cm3.

    4. Energy absorption -- with theconstruction of closed cell foams, it has great deformation space under theimpact.

    5. Electromagnetic wave shielding --- withthe frequency wave  over 1Ghz, theshielding rate can reach 75dbthe highest.

    6. Easy to be cut, punched, bended andbonded.

    7. low thermal conductivity -- it is 1/60of the pure aluminum.

    8. enviormental friendly --  with the composition of 97% A., 3% Ca, it hasno harmful content at all. Also, thereis nopollution in production and application.

    9.can be 100% recycled.